Phlo was founded Nadeem Sarwar and John Jordan. Nadeem is a long term repeat prescription user and John is a community pharmacist.

Both have a keen interest in technology and its use in helping the NHS innovate.

Nadeem, was inspired after some time spent studying in the United States by the systems they had there to manage medication. Nadeem met John and, the two co-founders built Phlo to make life easier for both patients and clinicians.

You can read more about the team by following the link to Phlo's company page.

Phlo is a trademark of Organised Health Technologies Ltd (SC496769), registered in Scotland.

Phlo has been built with love by people who care about the difference it will make to patients’ lives every day and will grow with the patients who use it.

 We aim to be the most patient-centric pharmacy ever built in the UK.

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