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How do you keep my data secure?
How do you keep my data secure?
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Your information is safe with us.

Phlo is a fully accredited, UK-based NHS Pharmacy that works to NHS information governance standards. Our General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) registration number is 9011121.

Phlo’s app is secured using your registered username and password, together with encrypted communication links to our servers and the security measures that you’ve set on your phone, tablet or computer such as its password, face ID or fingerprint ID. All three are essential to maintain security overall.

Phlo’s systems are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform and use its data centres in London.

We can recover our systems in Belgium and Netherlands in the event of a serious incident. We encrypt data in motion and at rest using bank-grade security. We use third-party security experts to test and check our applications.

We will NEVER share your data without your explicit consent.

Phlo complies with UK and EU data privacy legislation. Our app’s consent management system means you have control over how your data is used and by whom.

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