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I live in Scotland, Wales or Ireland, can I use Phlo?
I live in Scotland, Wales or Ireland, can I use Phlo?
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Unfortunately, if you live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland and are registered with GP practice outwith England, you cannot use our NHS service.

Phlo operates using the NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), which is currently only available in England.

This allows us to operate remotely by receiving your prescription electronically from your GP. We will seek to expand our service area as soon as other regions adopt the EPS.

We can deliver NHS prescriptions across the UK in special circumstances

However, we can deliver medication across the UK in special circumstances, if you are registered with an EPS-enabled GP Practice in England.

As an example, if you live in London and are registered with a GP practice in London, but travel to Scotland for a work trip and require your medication delivered in Scotland, we will be able to deliver your medication using one of our postal partners.

Private delivery is available across the UK

Unlike our NHS service, if you register with Phlo as a private patient using one of our private partners, we can deliver your prescriptions across the UK.

Your private partner does not have to be based in England.

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