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Does Phlo provide acute (one-off) prescriptions?
Does Phlo provide acute (one-off) prescriptions?
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We can also deliver acute (one-off) prescriptions, when and where you need them.

If Phlo is your nominated pharmacy, your GP can use the Electronic Prescription Service to send your one-off prescription(s) to Phlo.

If you are registered with another pharmacy but would like to use Phlo for a one-off service, you still need to nominate us so we can provide you with your one-off medication.

You can nominate us by Switching to Phlo. This means you will need to create an account with Phlo, but don’t worry - it’s quick and easy.

Your GP will send Phlo your prescription, our Pharmacy team will then check this and send you an e-mail and notification through your Phlo account asking you to order your medication and schedule delivery.

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