How do you verify my details?

Registering with Phlo

Updated over a week ago

After you complete the registration process with Phlo, our Pharmacy team will need to verify that your details are correct before approving your account.

Our Pharmacists verify your details against your GP records by using the NHS Personal Demographic Service.

If you would like to know more about this, please go to: NHS Personal Demographics Service.

What information do we check?

Our Pharmacy team will check:

  • Your first and given name

  • Date of birth

  • Address

  • GP surgery

If there are any problems with verification, our Pharmacy team will reach out to ask you for further information or identification.

Verification should take no longer than 24 hours during our opening hours (Monday to Friday 9 AM - 6 PM).

For example, if you have registered on a Friday evening at 8 PM, you can expect your account to be verified the following Monday.

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