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Controlled medication
Can you send controlled medication?
Can you send controlled medication?
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Controlled medication can be sent via Phlo’s real-time, same-day delivery service or Royal Mail Special Delivery and must be signed for (COVID-19 rules apply).

Same-day delivery of controlled medication

When ordering medication using same-day delivery, you will need to have your photographic ID ready to show your delivery driver.

We cannot deliver medication to anyone aged under 16. If you are under 16, your parent or guardian who manages your account for you must accept the delivery.

Nationwide delivery of controlled medication

Certain controlled medication that requires safe custody will be sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery.

If you have a specific query regarding controlled medication, you can contact our Pharmacy team by:

  • Chatting to us via the live chat on our website or through the Phlo app

  • Phoning the pharmacy at 020 8191 9444

  • E-mailing the pharmacy at [email protected]

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