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Do you accept private prescriptions?
Do you accept private prescriptions?
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Yes, on top of supplying NHS prescriptions, we are also able to accept and deliver private prescriptions across the UK from a wide number of private healthcare providers.

At the moment, the only private providers that we cannot fulfill prescriptions from are:

  • Livi

  • GP anywhere

  • Signature RX

How can I get a private prescription fulfilled via Phlo?

If we have your medication in stock, we will need you to:

  • Email us across a copy of your prescription at [email protected]

  • Post us your original prescription and give us confirmation

You can post this to: Phlo - Digital Pharmacy, Unit 12-14, Containerville, 35 Corbridge Crescent, London, E2 9EZ

Can you prescribe medication?

No, we cannot prescribe NHS or private prescriptions. Our service fulfils the prescription your GP has provided us. If you need a prescription, please contact your GP.

Can I get a receipt for my private order?

Yes, we can give you a receipt for your medication. You will need to get in touch with our Pharmacy team, who will be able to give you a receipt.

Can I sign up for NHS prescriptions as well as private ones?

If you have a Phlo account for a private prescription you can easily complete your NHS registration in the app.

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