Rewards for research
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What is ‘Rewards for research’?

Phlo strives to offer first-in-class patient service and your feedback helps us build the perfect pharmacy with you. To achieve this, we have set up 'Rewards for research' which is our dedicated research group. And you’re invited to become a member!

We want to build the perfect pharmacy with you, for you

At Phlo, we know you rely on us to provide you with your medication. This is why we want to include you as we grow to help create an experience that Phlo’s with you.

We want to empower all parts of your experience, with accessibility being one of the many areas we are looking to continuously review throughout our platforms.

Whoever you are, we would love to hear from you!

You’ll receive rewards for sharing your feedback

When you participate in our research events, you will receive a reward for your input. We really value your time and feedback and we want to ensure you get rewarded.

Become a member and have your say

Becoming a member will help you to have your say in the future of your pharmacy.

When you’re a member, you will be invited to our research events. At these events, we want to really spend time listening to you, run our ideas past you, and gather your feedback.

To become a member all you need to do is head to your Phlo account, find ‘Rewards for research’ on your sidebar and click ‘Join group’.

Your medical information will not be shared with our research team.

Any questions asked during the research events will not be related to your personal or medical records as all confidential information is held exclusively by our pharmacists.

We will be only be asking for your opinion on our new features and how our app works for you.

What will the research events involve?

Our research events can include:

  • Conversations with our researcher over a cuppa

  • Asking you to walk & talk us through how you use our app and/or new features

  • Your general opinion on our website/apps

How will the research be used?

Any recordings, notes, and materials from the research session will only be accessible by Phlo employees and kept for as long as necessary.

We value your privacy and will anonymise data as much as possible. View our full Privacy policy. You can opt-out at any time.

Who will be present at the research events?

Our Researcher Ashley Hearton will be running all of our research events. If you would like to find out more about her, read her blog here!

From time to time, one of our designers would love to sit in with you and Ashley to listen to your opinions and note-take all of your feedback. This helps us understand how we can build our services with you and your specific feedback in mind.

What happens when I become a member?

Once you become a member, our research team will reach out to you via email and ask you to complete a ‘Let’s get to know you' survey. This will take 2 minutes to complete and helps us interpret our research. This does not include information related to your medical records.

We are unable to take this information from your Phlo account because this is confidential information held exclusively by our pharmacists.

How can I get selected for a research event?

We select you based on your ‘Let’s get to know you' survey. If we think you are a match, we will get in touch and invite you to take part in our research event! How often we invite you depends on the research we are looking for and your eligibility.

You will receive your reward after you have taken part in our research event.

I have more questions!

If you would like to discuss ‘Rewards for research’ further, you can speak to us by:

Our accessibility commitment

If you have any accessibility requirements, our Pharmacy and research teams are happy to assist you. We strive to be an inclusive service and welcome participants with any accessibility needs to participate in our research sessions.

You can speak to us by:

  • Chatting to us via the live chat on our website or through the Phlo app

  • Phoning 020 8191 9444

  • Emailing our Research team at [email protected]

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