Phlo Family Accounts
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What is a Family Account?

Phlo allows multiple patients to be associated with a single Family Account. Family Accounts allow patients to be contacted through a single account owner, using their individual email address and phone number.

Family accounts are suited to family units where an individual is representing a whole family.

How do I create a Family Account?

Family accounts are created automatically when Phlo receives prescriptions for multiple patients with the same associated email address.

Family accounts are currently only created for patients receiving prescriptions through eMed (formerly Babylon Health), or eMed on behalf of BUPA.

Does a Family Account mean a patient's prescription details will be available to others?

Yes. All communications regarding prescriptions for a patient belonging to the Family Account will be sent to the account owner.

Phlo’s Family Accounts are created based on the understanding that all patients are part of a Family Account on the healthcare provider’s platform, and therefore patients are aware their prescription data will be available to the account holder.

How do I close a Family Account?

Family accounts can be closed by contacting our Patient Care team.

Individual accounts can be created to replace the Family Account, or the account can be closed without any further actions.

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