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Same-day, real-time delivery
What is real-time, same-day delivery?
What is real-time, same-day delivery?
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We are the first online Pharmacy in the UK to offer real-time, same-day delivery of NHS and private prescriptions.

Real-time, same-day delivery allows you to order and receive your medication delivered that same day, within a 4-hour time slot.

Additionally, you can track your delivery driver in real-time on the live map as it travels to your doorstep.

Our real-time, same-day delivery service provides an unparalleled level of convenience and control over your medication.

How do I know if I am in a real-time, same-day delivery area?

We offer a same-day delivery service in London and Birmingham zones.

Not in a real-time, same-day delivery area?

We're extending our same-day delivery zones. But don’t worry, for now registering for Phlo with your current home address, you can still select one of our postal courier options.

You can choose to have your medication delivered by our courier partners at no extra cost. While you will not get the benefits of real-time, same-day delivery, you’ll still be taking advantage of the freedom and control that Phlo offers.

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