How can I track my order?
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If you have selected our real-time, same-day delivery service, you will be able to track your order in real-time, as it travels to your doorstep.

We want our Phlo patients to know where their prescription is every step of the way.

How to track your delivery in real-time

You will find your current orders in the “Orders” tab in the Phlo Pharmacy app, showing the progress of each order, and when the order is delivered.

Additionally, you can also access this feature through the link to your order in our notifications sent by email and SMS.

If the order status is 'Out for Delivery' you can track your delivery in real-time using GPS technology within the Phlo app and have it delivered to any location, you choose in a bookable time slot through the app.

Tracking mail deliveries

If you select other delivery methods, they will not include live tracking. You will be able to track your medication using a tracking number/link your delivery supplier provides that will display basic order updates.

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