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Auto Delivery
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At a glance - what is Auto Delivery?

Auto Delivery from Phlo lets you complete your order faster. Once we have GP approval, we’ll automatically send your medication to your saved default delivery address using our free 48-hour tracked service. 

You’ll no longer need to log in and schedule your delivery. But don’t worry, we’ll still let you know when it’s due to arrive. 

Here’s how it works

The default process of getting your medication with Phlo can be broken down into two steps:

Step 1 - Requesting your medication

Step 2 - Checkout - scheduling your delivery and completing the order

Activating the Auto Delivery feature will ensure that Step 2 will be automatically completed for you.

As soon as your GP has approved your request, rather than asking you to complete your order, we’ll automatically dispense and deliver your medication to your default address using our free 48-hour tracked service.

That means one less thing to worry about – simply request your medication, and we’ll send it to your default address as soon as it’s ready, every single time!

Who is eligible for Auto Delivery?

To qualify for Auto Delivery, you need to: 

  • Be a Phlo NHS patient

  • Be exempt from NHS prescription fees 

  • Have a default delivery address outside our same-day delivery zones (London and Birmingham) 

Who is not eligible for Auto Delivery?

You will not be eligible for Auto Delivery if you meet any one of the following criteria:

  • Live within a same-day delivery zone (London and Birmingham)

  • Change your address from a postal to a same-day delivery zone

  • Are not an NHS Phlo patient

  • Do not have an active exemption from NHS prescription fees 

  • Require controlled or fridge temperature medication – what this means

How to manage Auto Delivery settings

Activate Auto Delivery online in just a few easy steps:

  • Log in to your account and navigate to My Account and then Addresses

  • Confirm or edit your default delivery address

  • If your address is eligible, you’ll be able to activate Auto Delivery

  • You can deactivate Auto Delivery here too

Activating Auto Delivery during an order

You can select Auto Delivery when completing an order.

To do this, simply set your default delivery address during the checkout process.

We’ll prompt you to select this option if you select our free 48-hourtracked service and we detect that your address is outside of a real-time delivery zone (London and Birmingham). You can choose to activate Auto Delivery or not.

Common Auto Delivery FAQs

I have activated Auto Delivery – why am I still being asked to schedule delivery?

If you’ve activated Auto Delivery and are still being asked to schedule delivery, this means that the prescriptions you require are either controlled drugs or fridge

temperature items, both of which are not eligible for Auto Delivery. More about this.

Are any medication types not available for Auto Delivery?

Certain medication types aren’t available for Auto Delivery, including those classed as controlled drugs or those requiring refrigeration.

We’ll always let you know if items in your future Phlo orders aren’t eligible for Auto Delivery and confirm alternative delivery options. More about this.

Can I use Auto Delivery with a different delivery option?

At the moment, Auto Delivery works exclusively with our free 48-hourtracked service only.

If you already have it activated and need your medication sooner, you’ll need to deactivate Auto Delivery ahead of requesting your medication.

What happens if I change my default delivery address?

If you update your default delivery address to one that remains outside of our same-day delivery zones, you’ll be able to continue using Auto Delivery as usual.

If you update your default delivery address and we detect it's within one of our same-day delivery zones, we’ll automatically disable Auto Delivery, because you’ll have new delivery options to get your medication even faster. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you if this happens.

Can I choose to turn off Auto Delivery?

Yes, you can edit your Auto Delivery and default address settings for future orders at any time in My Account. If you turn it off, you’ll need to log in and schedule delivery for all your future Phlo orders.

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